Job Description

Graduate structural engineer

How big is this team - The Design team consists of the Design Team Manager, Structural Engineer and 3 Designer Detailers with Admin support.
What is a typical project - A typical project is the design of a remedial piling system to be installed to provide additional support to a structure that has suffered movement. The role is extremely varied though and we can be called upon to work on anything covered by Home Insurance (Fire Damaged buildings, flood damaged buildings, Subsidence, failed retaining walls etc.). If it is a project that we are building, then there may be some site visits and communication with the installation teams.
What does a typical day look like - A set list of projects would be assigned by the Design Team Manager. The Designer would be responsible for reviewing the brief from the client and the information provided. Using this information they will need to determine the best cause of action which may include; calculate the loads of the structure at foundation level and provide a scheme and quotation for the remediation, produce a desktop based report for remediation etc.
Is there a salary range in mind - Typically 20-24k for a Graduate Engineer, but a good knowledge of CAD would be essential for the upper end.

In terms of calculations, these are generally quite basic calculations to look at the load applied to a building and then working out the load path. Most of the calculations are completed on Excel or by hand on the more complex projects we use Tekla Structural Designer, but we wouldn't expect to have a Graduate working on Complex claims just yet.